PRW Consulting GmbH


With offices in Munich, Kaiserslautern and Den Haag (NL), PRW Consulting GmbH has stood for managing compliance since 2002. Reliable implementation and ongoing client support regarding the GDPR have become one of our main focal points.

Our data protection officers are experts who work in a team with lawyers, IT law specialists and IT professionals. None of us are Leonardo da Vincis. Internally, we always work in teams. We believe that, at times where obtaining legal certainty requires technical, organizational and legal expertise, laws should be implemented by joint and interdisciplinary effort, or by "universal geniuses".

Currently, the involvement of lawyers is essential, as the GDPR are new laws for which explanatory and clarifying court decisions are yet awaited. Until such decisions are available, we must apply the law to real-life scenarios by legal reasoning. Without doubt, this is a task for the lawyers. At this point in time, drawing up a well-drafted contract on third-party data processing for multi-hybrid environments, involving cloud services and foreign law, is a major challenge for non-lawyers. There will come a time when there will be templates for almost every possible scenario under the data protection laws. At that stage, perhaps, the set of skills required of data protection officers will change.

To render this text more readable, we may occasionally refer to the masculine gender only. This is intended to include all three genders (w/m/d) under the German Civil Status Act (Personenstandsgesetz).