IT Compliance Manager Qualification program

These days, anyone wishing to fulfill all IT compliance and security requirements and the monitoring and reporting obligations of financial auditing, the fiscal authorities, the supervisory board, the executive management and other bodies, needs comprehensive solutions suitable for actual company practice. Responsible managers should additionally protect themselves against liability risks.

On the basis of the TOL principle, PRW Consulting GmbH has developed a modular qualification program which enables companies within six workshop modules on six days to build up basic expertise in complex subjects such as IT compliance, digital data management, data protection, information security, IT risk management etc. The program allows companies to better prepare for external audits and tax inspections and manage and implement IT compliance projects more successfully.

An overview of the six modules

Module 1 – Principles of IT compliance 
  • (IT) compliance overview

  • Compliance in the cloud

  • Legal requirements

  • Liability risks for the management

  • Areas of action in practice

  • Case studies

Module 2 – Digital data management 
  • Legal requirements

  • Archiving of data

  • Data management

  • Specific project examples

Module 3 – Data protection 
  • GDPR

  • Company data protection officer

  • Areas of action in data protection

  • Data protection organization

  • Konkrete Projektbeispiele

Module 4 – Information security 
  • Overview

  • Strategy and concepts

  • Policies, audits and certification options, e.g. under ISO

  • IT security law

  • Tools

  • Specific project examples

Module 5 – IT risk management 
  • Overview

  • Strategy and development of IT risk management

  • IT audit and IT risk analysis

  • Tools

  • Specific project examples

Module 6 – Best practice 
  • Summary of Modules 1 - 5

  • Presentation of examples in practice, taking into account typical IT infrastructures and including areas such as virtualization, DMS, etc.

  • Auditing on the basis of a practical example

Duration: 6 days

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